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"the considerable talents of
Jones and Reeves...
with Greig's
sly humor,
leaves audiences with a

warm "Midsummer" glow."
-Boston Globe

"hilarious...Don't miss it!"
-Events Insider

Midsummer's weekend in Edinburgh. It's raining. Bob's a failing car salesman on the fringes of the city's underworld. Helena's a high-powered divorce lawyer with a taste for other people's husbands. She's totally out of his league; he's not her type at all. They absolutely should not sleep together. Which is, of course, why they do. "Midsummer" is the story of a great lost weekend of bridge-burning, car chases, wedding bust-ups, bondage miscalculations, midnight trysts and self-loathing hangovers.

Midsummer opened at the Traverse Theatre in October 2008 and was revived for an international tour in the summer of 2009.

Featuring: Brooks Reeves (From White Plains, Stupid Fucking Bird),
Courtland Jones (The Caucasian Chalk Cirlcle)
Running Time: 95 minutes

Guest Director: Meg Taintor (Whistler in the Dark)

Governor General's Award for Drama
NYC Fringe Overall Excellence for Playwriting
Summerwork's Outstanding Production & Audience Choice

beautifully wrought, thoughtful script” –curtainup

“Ice figures prominently in Greenland, Nicolas Billon’s quietly disarming drama from Canada about a family cracked apart by a fatal accident...The story unfolds as three subtly connected monologues, each detailed and conversational .”-NY Daily News

Receding ice levels off the coast of Greenland have revealed that an area thought to be part of the mainland is actually a separate island. This discovery mirrors a growing rift between the island’s discoverer and his increasingly distant family, set adrift after a catastrophic loss.

Featuring: Charlotte Kinder, Dale J. Young (Invasion), Danielle Fauteux Jacques (Artistic Director/Peggy Pickit Sees the Face of God)
Running Time: 55 minutes

Obie Award for Best New American Play in 2013
Finalist for the Pulitzer and the Susan Smith Blackburn Prizes

powerful, funny play about the fraying of American culture under the stress of economic uncertainty” –nytimes

fine and spectacularly timely new play”-Chicago Tribune

In a “first ring” suburb outside a midsize American city, Ben and Mary fire up the grill to welcome the new neighbors who’ve moved into the long-empty house next door. The fledgling friendship soon veers out of control, shattering the fragile hold that newly unemployed Ben and burgeoning alcoholic Mary have on their way of life. The quintessential American backyard party turns quickly turns into something more dangerous – and filled with potential.

Featuring: John Dylan Green, Courtland Jones (The Caucasian Chalk Circle), Becca A. Lewis (Peggy Pickit Sees the Face of God, Memory House, Proof, Anger Box), Stephen Libby (Rhinoceros, The Firebugs, Cooking with Elvis, Anger Box), Rick Winterson (Men of Tortuga, The Visit)
Running Time: 100 minutes

Performances will be followed by a Reception
with the actors in the Gallery.

Midsummer and Detroit directed by Danielle Fauteux Jacques

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$25, $20 advance purchase, $15 students

Chelsea Theatre Works, 189 Winnisimmet St., Chelsea.
Click for Directions
or call 617-887-2336

Midsummer: Extended through January 18
Fri. & Sat. at 8
Sun. at 3:00
Thurs. Jan. 15 at 8:00

Greenland: Feb. 20-Mar. 15
Fri. & Sat. at 8
Sun. March 8 & 15 at 3:00

Detroit: April 10- May 9
Fri. & Sat. at 8
Sun. April 26 & May 3 at 3:00

Apollinaire Theatre Company • Chelsea Theatre Works, 189 Winnisimmet St., Chelsea, MA 02150 • 617-887-2336 • atc@apollinairetheatre.com