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Sonic Life of a Giant Tortoise
youth is not the only thing that's sonic
by Toshiki Okada
Translated from Japanese by Aya Ogawa

"soft-spoken reverie of a play" -NY Times

"Maybe it's our fate to always wish for more, but Okada hints that something more is all around us, if only we could step outside ourselves and see." -The Village Voice

"Toshiki Okada is the Thornton Wilder for the Google generation." -NY Theatre Now

"These are the serious questions, and I, like these characters, may be sleeping through them. In those moments, the play feels like a knife in the gut" -Time Out

by Yussef El Guindi

"Richly powerful, "Threesome" is intense, colorful, textured, angry and, at times, very funny." -EdgeMedia

Yussef El Guindi,
Threesome playwright,
NY Times

"In Yussef El Guindi’s Plays, Personal and Political
Are in Bed Together"

It begins as a bawdy bedroom comedy whose main characters, a heterosexual Egyptian-American couple, invite a white American man into their bed.

Over two acts it transforms into something darker, as all three grapple with the fallout of sexual assault, infidelity, war and the pain of lost hope, both political and personal.

Read the complete Interview here!

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Sonic Life of a Giant Tortoise:
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Apr. 8-May 7
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Sun. April 24 & May 1 at 3:00

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